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Allison Watson

Trustee (Co-Founder & Secretary)

Allison Watson is the parent of a child with r(20) and has been engaged for a number of years in voluntary efforts to help give mutual support to other families that are affected by the condition. Allison’s son David aged 17 has been diagnosed with r(20) for nearly 10 years and with a strong support network around him, is able to lead a full and active life, despite regular daily seizures. A busy mum, working part-time as a business analyst, she still finds time as an active fundraiser and charity advocate to give something back. Allison has engaged in organizing many charitable activities (often with David), varying from buffet dinners to cake sales, car washes, bag packing and more, so has a wealth of experience in this area as well as running a half marathon herself.

This personal commitment and passion sees her travelling many miles, connecting with patient and advocacy groups, as well as families and medical professionals.