Don Gordon

Don Gordon

Chair & Co-Founder (Trustee)

Don Gordon helped to establish the Ring Chromosome 20 Foundation in early 2007. With over twenty years experience in media, marketing and publications Don was instrumental in establishing multiple collaborations with prominent institutions and medical professionals from the UK and around the world, creating awareness about ring chromosome 20 syndrome r(20). His interest and passion to help people in this particular area has been driven by the impact of his family being affected by epilepsy from an early age.

Helping to facilitate and participate in both UK and International conferences over five years provided a valuable resource for families and physicians with research and information, which led to a significant increase in the profile of this rare epilepsy condition.

That expertise and knowledge is now helping to bring about a new chapter in the pursuit of answers for those who are affected by r(20) syndrome in the UK and abroad with the advent of the Ring 20 Research and Support UK charity.

He currently also runs a health and fitness company and is his passion for active sport has helped raise funds for charities through triathlon and running events.