New ways to support us while you shop!

We are pleased to announce that PayPal has added us to their list of Charities you can donate too while using their PayPal mobile app.  If this is new to you click here to find out more:

If you already use this App following an update you will see a new Donate button function where you can easily find us “Ring20 Research and Support” with just a few quick clicks.  This is available on both iPhone and Android devices.


Additionally for those of you who sell on eBay you can set items you sell to donate a percentage of sale total to us as well. When listing an item for sale on eBay, you will need to simply select “Donate a portion to charity” (select “Make a Donation” on the Advanced Tool or “Sell for Charity” on the eBay App). Then pick the charity’s name to support and the percentage you want to donate. You can donate between 10%-100% of your sales to us and eBay will waive their seller listing fees proportional to the percentage donated.

Here is a YouTube guide created by eBay on how to set this up:

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