r(20) Global Patient Map

As a patient support group we are putting r(20) on the map – quite literally! We are plotting known cases of r(20) around the world onto a Google map to highlight the number of cases and their location.

We have 2 versions of the map:

  • PUBLIC – an anonymous map of known cases, for sharing with anyone interested including Health Professionals
  • PRIVATE – accessed restricted to consenting members, who allow their contact details to be shared with other consenting r(20) families


If you would like to be added to the Private and/or Public r(20) maps, please sign up with this form. Please note you must have a gmail address to participate in the PRIVATE map. 

Which best describes you?:

Which most accurately describes you?:

Which type of r(20) do you have?:

If you wish you may also upload a recent photo of the patient (for inclusion on the PRIVATE map only)