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Promoting research, education and continuous support to end undiagnosed and misdiagnosed

For Medics and Researchers

With so few cases of r(20) syndrome diagnosed worldwide, healthcare professionals may only ever encounter one of two patients over the course of their medical career. It is therefore vitally important that the latest and trusted information on r(20) syndrome is available to those clinicians managing r(20) patients in their care.

In line with one of the key aims of the charity Ring20 aim to be able to provide on the following pages of our website, as much information as possible on r(20) syndrome to all healthcare professionals working in this field, to assist them in their work from diagnosis, to treatment, management and care of their patients.

Diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy related to Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome

Watch the EpiCARE webinar (June 2020) to learn more – presented by our Chief Medical Advisor Prof Sameer Zuberi and our CEO Allison Watson.

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Latest News and Research

Watch our Ring20 AGM 2020 and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT video here:
We recently launched a short survey across our r(20) member families, to find out a little about their diagnosis, seizures and whether they have tried any form of medicinal cannabis treatment. Read the results of our survey.
Finally after 5 long years of study and graduation in nutritional science and over 15 years of involvement in r(20)  I get to showcase a pilot research study at a British scientific meeting on r(20).