Student Voice Competition 2019

At the end of 2019 Findacure in conjunction with Medics 4 Rare Diseases (M4RD) launched their annual Student Voice essay competition. Here at Ring20 we were lucky to be paired with a medical student, Tahmid Kabir who was willing to use r(20) syndrome as the basis behind his essay. He interviewed one of our member families and you can see the essay he produced by clicking the link below. Though not one of the winning entries, I think you’ll agree that Tahmid makes some valid and interesting observations in his essay and by sharing we can raise the profile of r(20) syndrome too!

The Student Voice essay competition raises the profile of rare diseases among trainee doctors and scientists. It encourages them to consider rare diseases for the first time or share their personal experience of rare conditions. With the winning entries published by partners at BioMed Central, the best essays have a chance to make a real impact on the work of medical professionals.


Findacure student essay 2019

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