Introducing our Glossary of Terms

Do you get confused with all the medical terms that doctors, nurses or genetic counsellors use to explain Ring Chromosome 20 to you?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! At Ring20 we recognise that all this jargon can be difficult to understand – and you might say that sometimes we use unfamiliar terms too…? So we’ve put together a Glossary of Terms to help you UNRAVEL the mysteries. 

We will be introducing you to different groups of terms in bitesize chunks – hopefully you’ve already seen our introduction to Chromosomes, Genes and DNA?

Feel free to check any term in the Glossary when you need to – we will provide hyperlinks where we can in all our UNRAVEL posts, so you can always do a quick look-up. 

We hope that you will find the Glossary a useful resource as we work through UNRAVEL…


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