Siobhan’s London Marathon 2023

Siobhan Benson

Siobhan’s taking on her first marathon but says…I don’t like running!

London, UK

April 23, 2023

I’ve chosen to run for this charity as I work with a smashing young lady called Olivia, who was diagnosed with Ring20 Syndrome when she was 17 years old, following an earlier diagnosis of Epilepsy. Olivia has lived with this ultra rare form of Epilepsy for the last 5 years.I am so lucky to work with this young lady as she proves day to day that this condition does not define who she is. Instead she lives every day to the full and has inspired me to help in any way I can. Including running a marathon which, let’s face it, is no mean feat. I have never ran a marathon and I’ll let you into a little secret….I don’t like running!!!You can sponsor Siobhan’s challenge on her dedicated JustGiving page. 
Siobhan Benson

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