Richard T Smith – magician

Guinness World Record Holder for ‘The Longest Magic Show’, Richard T Smith, entertained our families during our gala dinner at our families conference:

Richard kindly donated the proceeds of his fee for the evening to MJVC – the Magicians, Jugglers and Ventriloquist Club – to help young, upcoming magicians hone their craft.

The next day after our gala dinner I received a call from Richard and hear’s what he had to say about the event:

I have performed at many events over the last forty odd years and I can say that two events stick out from all the rest:

  • the first one was at the Hilton hotel for the orphaned children of Chernobyl who sadly had lost everything that we sometimes take for granted; family and homes. The children were polite well mannered and truly a credit to the parents they sadly lost.
  • the second one was at the Ring20 event held at Jury’s Inn Liverpool city centre on Saturday night the 5th August. There were families from all around the world Australia, America, the Netherlands to name but a few. And it was humbling to see once again, children with health problems so well mannered, polite and respectful, I cannot speak more highly of them and their  families are wonderful people. I also want to wish all the people connected with Ring20 every success in whatever they do.

Richard t Smith


Richard was so moved by the event and the exemplary behaviour of our children, that he has asked that we share some of his eBooks with you. There are books suitable for children (written for children in Liverpool Children’s Hospital) and also books suitable for adults. Enjoy!

Books suitable for children

Books suitable for older children/adults:

I’m sure you’d like to join me in thanking Richard for not only his time, but his kind words and the sharing of his work with us. Thank you Richard!

Richard T Smith

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