Families Conference – Cambridge 2022


Where the latest innovations in epilepsy treatment and genome research came together with r(20) families.

Cambridge, UK

September 23, 2022

From Fri 23rd Sept ’22 through Sun 25th Sept ’22, the 2nd-ever conference dedicated to r(20) families across the world took place in Cambridge, UK.A full program including updates on r(20) research projects, Q&A with a genetic counsellor, news about the latest innovation in epilepsy treatments and genome research. Next to this, there were plenty of well-being and fun activities and the unique opportunity to spend lots of time with other r(20) families going through very similar challenges.Key speakers:
  • Prof Sameer Zuberi, Paediatric Neurologist, Glasgow Children’s Hospital – Ring20 Natural History & Biomarker Study
  • David Bentley, Chief Scientist Illumina – Genomics research project
  • Dr Simona Balestrini, Consultant Neurologist UCL, London and Italy – Emerging treatments – What hope for r(20) syndrome? (panel lead)
  • Dr Rhys Thomas, Consultant Neurologist, Newcastle
  • Lisa Moore-Ramdin, Jazz Pharma, UK

Here are some images from the event:


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