Paul’s Story

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Paul was diagnosed with Autism at 13 years old too, but l think the zoning out, that made it difficult for him to learn, was due to epilepsy not Autism.

Early Years

My son Paul was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 12 years old. The children’s doctor looked after him until he was nearly 17 where the doctor always said that Paul was “very hard to treat, with very unusual seizures“. He tried five different medications at different times and the last two that he had been taking together were Lamotrigine and Lacosamide.
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He was transferred to the adult hospital and the very first time we saw the new doctor and explained about Paul’s symptoms in the past, the doctor immediately sent him for genetic testing. In his first letter the doctor wrote that he suspected Paul had Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome [r(20)] and when the results came out…sure enough Paul was confirmed diagnosed with r(20).
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