Sarah Tittensor (UK)

Learning disability nurse

I am a learning disability nurse by training. I have been working with people with epilepsy my entire career (epilepsy is much more common in this patient group than the general population) but have been working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in epilepsy in Birmingham (I cover Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield) for the past 5 years supporting adults with and without a learning disability. I am a nurse prescriber and am currently updating my education by completing my degree. I am currently doing a research module.I am a passionate advocate for people with epilepsy and supporting the people who support them, be that parents, family, paid carers or other professionals. I agreed to be a part of the Ring 20 SAB as I believe more work needs to be done on how to support people with lesser well-known types of conditions which have seizures as part of their symptoms.I am the membership secretary for ESNA (Epilepsy Nurses Association) which also involves being a member of the executive committee and planning such things as the national conferences, updating national epilepsy guidance and ensuring good links with pharma companies and charities.In my spare time I have 2 cats and am a keen gardener and cook. I love reading and have a collection of very old books at home. I am also currently knitting scarves to sell for SUDEP Action (our national charity who support families who have lost loved ones due to epilepsy).
Sarah Tittensor

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Medical Advisors at Ring20


Antonio Gil-Nagel (Spain)

Chief Medical Advisor (SAB Chair)

Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas (UK)

Ring20 Deputy Medical Advisor


Kentaro Tokumoto (Japan)


Yushi Inoue

Yushi Inoue (Japan)

Epileptologist and psychiatrist

Ken Myers

Ken Myers (Canada)

Paediatric neurologist clinician-scientist and assistant professor

Ramki Rajagopalan

Ramakrishnan (Ramki) Rajagopalan (USA)

Lead Research Bioinformaticist

Nancy Spinner

Nancy Spinner (USA)

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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Alexander Rotenberg (USA)

Professor of Neurology


Lieven Lagae (Belgium)

Professor Paediatric Neurology

Angela Peron

Angela Peron (Italy)

Associate professor of Medical Genetics

Prof Maria Canevini

Maria Paola Canevini (Italy)

Director of the Neurology


Simona Balestrini (Italy/UK)

Associate Professor of Child Neurology

Phil Tittensor

Phil Tittensor (UK)

Consultant Nurse

Sarah Tittensor

Sarah Tittensor (UK)

Learning disability nurse


Ailsa McLellan (UK)

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

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Archana Desurkar (UK)

Medical Advisor

Arjune Sen

Arjune Sen (UK)

Medical Advisor

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Tim Buckinx (Patient Representative)


Dale Ward3

Dale Ward (Patient Representative)



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