Allison Watson

CEO (Cofounder)

I live in the UK and have an adult son, David with Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome, [ r(20)]. I co-founded Ring20 Research and Support UK CIO in 2014 with my colleague Donald Gordon, to provide mutual support and information on r(20) syndrome to individuals, families and healthcare professionals who are affected by or come into contact with r(20). We currently support over 120 families worldwide and our community is constantly growing, despite the perception that diagnostic rates are likely in decline. I am co-lead for the European Patient Advocacy Group) ePAG for EpiCARE ERN and am a EURORDIS volunteer. I recently founded UK RET – a collaboration between many epilepsy patient support groups across the UK who support families affected by rare and complex epilepsies, to see how we might work STRONGER TOGETHER. Due to a career change I now dedicate my time (mostly on a voluntary basis) supporting patients and their families affected by rare and complex epilepsies, speaking at public events and generally raising awareness. I am passionate about improving outcomes and am constantly seeking practical solutions and information to help families manage their condition on a day-to-day basis, alongside trying to raise funds for vital research. We may not have effective treatments TOMORROW, but I believe it is how we live our lives TODAY that matters and how we learn to cope.

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Meet the team at Ring20

Medical Advisors at Ring20


Antonio Gil-Nagel (Spain)

Chief Medical Advisor (SAB Chair)

Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas (UK)

Ring20 Deputy Medical Advisor


Kentaro Tokumoto (Japan)


Yushi Inoue

Yushi Inoue (Japan)

Epileptologist and psychiatrist

Ken Myers

Ken Myers (Canada)

Paediatric neurologist clinician-scientist and assistant professor

Ramki Rajagopalan

Ramakrishnan (Ramki) Rajagopalan (USA)

Lead Research Bioinformaticist

Nancy Spinner

Nancy Spinner (USA)

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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Alexander Rotenberg (USA)

Professor of Neurology


Lieven Lagae (Belgium)

Professor Paediatric Neurology

Angela Peron

Angela Peron (Italy)

Associate professor of Medical Genetics

Prof Maria Canevini

Maria Paola Canevini (Italy)

Director of the Neurology


Simona Balestrini (Italy/UK)

Associate Professor of Child Neurology

Phil Tittensor

Phil Tittensor (UK)

Consultant Nurse

Sarah Tittensor

Sarah Tittensor (UK)

Learning disability nurse


Ailsa McLellan (UK)

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Archana - updated pls use

Archana Desurkar (UK)

Medical Advisor

Arjune Sen

Arjune Sen (UK)

Medical Advisor

Meet the Ring20 Trustees


Tim Buckinx (Patient Representative)


Dale Ward3

Dale Ward (Patient Representative)



Kim Parks (Treasurer)



Lydia Hirst (Chair)