Antonio Gil-Nagel (Spain)

Chief Medical Advisor (SAB Chair)

Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome is a disorder which I have lived from the first diagnosis to the current situation. The first patients I encountered with Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome were puzzling and I found that providing an early diagnosis saved them a lot of suffering from different tests and a terrible diagnostic odyssey. My goal now is to provide the best medical care possible as well as participate in the development of future targeted therapies.Dr Antonio Gil-Nagel is Associate Head of the Department of Neurology at the Ruber International Hospital and, since 1998, is director of the Epilepsy Program, a pioneering centre in the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy in children and adults, and actively participates in the research projects of Fundacion INCE in Madrid, Spain. Dr Gil-Nagel has led multiple clinical trials of drugs in development, drug repositioning and scientific research in epilepsy. His work has focused primarily on orphan epilepsies such as Dravet syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, cortical developmental disorders and other epileptic and developmental encephalopathies. The Epilepsy Program that he directs is an international reference in clinical research, epilepsy surgery, and the development of new epilepsy treatments. He participates in the European network ERA-NET Neuron and his research is supported by the State Research Agency of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Spanish Government and the European Union in the framework of International Collaboration Projects. He collaborates with international research groups such as E-Pilepsy, European Epilepsy Brain Bank and EPSET. Dr Gil-Nagel and his team have more than 300 articles published in international and national journals. He is the author of 183 indexed articles with 6,303 citations and an h-index of 39.

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Medical Advisors at Ring20


Antonio Gil-Nagel (Spain)

Chief Medical Advisor (SAB Chair)

Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas (UK)

Ring20 Deputy Medical Advisor


Kentaro Tokumoto (Japan)


Yushi Inoue

Yushi Inoue (Japan)

Epileptologist and psychiatrist

Ken Myers

Ken Myers (Canada)

Paediatric neurologist clinician-scientist and assistant professor

Ramki Rajagopalan

Ramakrishnan (Ramki) Rajagopalan (USA)

Lead Research Bioinformaticist

Nancy Spinner

Nancy Spinner (USA)

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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Alexander Rotenberg (USA)

Professor of Neurology


Lieven Lagae (Belgium)

Professor Paediatric Neurology

Angela Peron

Angela Peron (Italy)

Associate professor of Medical Genetics

Prof Maria Canevini

Maria Paola Canevini (Italy)

Director of the Neurology


Simona Balestrini (Italy/UK)

Associate Professor of Child Neurology

Phil Tittensor

Phil Tittensor (UK)

Consultant Nurse

Sarah Tittensor

Sarah Tittensor (UK)

Learning disability nurse


Ailsa McLellan (UK)

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

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Archana Desurkar (UK)

Medical Advisor

Arjune Sen

Arjune Sen (UK)

Medical Advisor

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Dale Ward3

Dale Ward (Patient Representative)



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Lydia Hirst (Chair)